Dianabol /200 capsules

Dianabol was a widely used steroid in the 70 due to its immediate and very strong anabolic effects: PTO and spectacular mass. Most bodybuilders who used it reflect a gain of 6 and 8 kg in one month. Dianabol is undoubtedly the origin of the musculature of the ultimate reference bodybuilders.  Dianabol is comparable to anabolic oxymetholone (Anadrol), yet less hard, ie with wanted and less severe side effects. However, this is not of great significance to the extent that the effects of steroid depend very largely on the dose used. Thus a cycle of Dianabol taken in large doses will be as, if not more sought after and side effects, a cycle of Oxymetholone. Dianabol produces muscle mass and strength by very large magnification muscle cells but also a large part due to fluid retention. As with Oxymetholone, the appearance of the muscle gained is somewhat smooth and rounded. It will remain after the loss of excess water about 50% of muscle mass of good quality, dense and definitively acquired. Regarding the mode of action of Dianabol, it is identical to those of Oxymetholone and Deca: Dianabol creates an increase in body nitrogen rates. Nitrogen is an essential component of protein synthesis thereof increases as well, causing muscle gain. It is said that a positive nitrogen balance.